Air Conditioner Replacement Pittsburgh

Replacing a central air conditioning system is a significant, often unexpected, expense for most homeowners. It’s beneficial to have trustworthy and reputable HVAC contractor on your side. TopNotch Heating and Air is here to help. We’re dedicated to ensuring Pittsburgh-area homeowners purchase the right air conditioning unit for their home and family.

Is your central AC system more than a decade old? Does it seem like you’re calling for AC repairs more than once a year? Are these repairs becoming more and more expensive? If you’ve answered “Yes!” to all of these questions, it’s probably time to consider replacing your central air conditioning system.

Today’s technology is rapidly evolving. Additionally, more stringent EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations have mandated the manufacture and sale of newer units using more ozone-friendly/energy-efficient refrigerants.

In the long-run, despite the initial purchase price and installation costs, the central air systems manufactured and sold today are money-savers for most households. Since they run more efficiently than older units, significant money can be saved thanks to lower electric bills.

AC Repairs vs. AC Replacement

Many times, our emergency dispatchers are called for last-minute urgent AC repairs and can successfully bring an older air conditioning unit back to life. These fixes are often sustainable, especially with regular maintenance and care, or they can only briefly delay the inevitable – fully replacing the entire central air conditioning system.

If our technicians feel your central air conditioning unit is nearing its final days, or notice repairs becoming more frequent and expensive, we’ll advise you of your replacement options.

Many times, homeowners choose to replace older inefficient systems with a newer, more energy-efficient central air conditioning system with the goal of saving money on their monthly electric bill. Modern central air systems can be up to 60% more efficient than units manufactured just ten years ago.

Systems manufactured prior to 2010 typically run on the most commonly-used industry refrigerant at the time – R-22, also known as freon – which is now being phased out in the United States due to government regulations. While freon is available through 2020, investing in a newer more energy-efficient central air system using the more ozone-friendly R-410A is not only beneficial to the environment but your wallet as well.

TopNotch carries a variety of brands and models to choose from – including Goodman and Airtemp. All of our HVAC technicians are factory-trained and familiar with the pros and cons of each unit. We are the top Goodman dealer in Western PA. Goodman HVAC products include perhaps the best warranty in the business.

Proper installation of your new central air conditioning system is critical for proper function and reliability. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, all of our installation work is also guaranteed.

The average cost to replace a central air unit varies on the type, size, and if any added accessories or duct work are needed. To assist homeowners, we accept most major credit cards and have financing options to choose from.

Get TopNotch Advice You Can Count On

Some HVAC contractors in Pittsburgh may guide a cost-conscious customer to a partial central air conditioner replacement where only the outside compressor is replaced. We know that for the best efficiency, the indoor handler must match it, and partial replacements will only shorten the lifespan of your investment. We work to find you a complete central air conditioning replacement that’s within your budget.

Additionally, we are too ethical to steer you to an over-sized central air conditioning unit that will only cost you more, waste energy, and lead to mold, mildew, and a musty-smelling home due to inadequate dehumidification. When we visit your property, we assess your square footage and other pertinent information to determine a properly-sized central air conditioning replacement that suits your budget and needs.

If you’re mulling over air conditioning replacement in Pittsburgh or the Western PA region, contact TopNotch Heating and Air. We’ll have one of our technicians come to your home for an assessment and price estimate. Call us today at 412-381-0598. We service the entire Greater Pittsburgh region and travel anywhere throughout Allegheny County, including Upper St. Clair, South Fayette, Oakdale, Squirrel Hill, Shadyside and more.