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Commercial HVAC Services Pittsburgh

HVAC Services for Large Commercial Building Renovations and Remodels

When it comes to larger and high-end commercial buildings, having reliable and high-performance HVAC services are essential to the quality of the building. As a landlord, you have a responsibility to your tenants to keep your HVAC systems performing optimally, and cannot afford unexpected breakdowns or malfunctioning equipment.

HVAC Services for Large Commercial Building Renovations and Remodels

As you prepare to renovate your commercial building, this is the perfect time to evaluate your current HVAC system. This is especially true when you have acquired a new building and have not yet your TopNotch HVAC technician inspect the equipment.

TopNotch Heating and Air takes the same approach to HVAC in large commercial renovations and remodels as it does with smaller residential units – we are here to help you find the right option, not to provide you the most costly job. When a TopNotch HVAC technician inspects your heating system or air conditioner, they will offer you a variety of options for repair, maintenance, installation, or replacement, including the advantages and disadvantages of each choice, and an expert opinion of which choice is right for you.

Why Updating Your HVAC System During a Renovation is Often the Right Choice

In cases where you have just bought a new building, the HVAC system may not have been evaluated and inspected by a quality HVAC technician like the ones from TopNotch Heating and Air. The first step is to have a quality HVAC technician provide you a new assessment of the HVAC system and provide you a quality inspection and evaluation of your new unit. They can tell you if the previous owner or property manager had either properly maintained or neglected the HVAC system.

In cases where you have owned the building for years and you have had the HVAC system properly maintained by a TopNotch technician, our TopNotch staff can discuss whether the building renovation or remodel is also the right time to upgrade your HVAC unit. Our staff has a history of completing projects on time and under budget, and we have experience working around other contractors who might be working on the renovation or remodel.

Multiple Factors to Consider in HVAC in Large Commercial Buildings

When customers think about HVAC services, their first thoughts are about maintaining consistent temperature controls. They need to ensure that their tenants are never too hot or too cold and that areas that require specific temperature controls are never compromised due to poor HVAC performance.

However, there are other factors for the HVAC system to regulate. You need your system to maintain air quality for the health of your tenants, humidity controls for their comfort, and proper ventilation so that the work your HVAC system is doing is being distributed properly to each floor and room in your building.

TopNotch Heating and Air has years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining HVAC systems in high-end and large-scale buildings in Allegheny County and the surrounding area, and should be your first call when planning a massive renovation or remodel to your building.