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Since 1993, Top Notch Heating & Air has provided reliable on-call 24-hour emergency heating and cooling services to Pittsburgh residences and businesses.

Whether it’s through our responsive repairs, our hassle-free installations, or our yearly preventative maintenance plans, the Pittsburgh HVAC pros at Top Notch are always eager to exceed all expectations.

This is how we’ve built our reputation and business – one happy customer at a time.


Pittsburgh winters can be bitterly cold and miserable. You and your family absolutely cannot be without heat. Our TopNotch heating pros are just a phone call away if you ever come home or wake up to a cold house. We can assess and repair any furnace make or model. In most cases, we can get your heat back up and running that very same day! We are also experienced with boiler heat systems. And, if you ever need a replacement furnace or boiler, or a new unit installed, we’re your go-to crew! Couple all of that with our yearly tune-up and preventative furnace mainentance plan and it’s no wonder why our name has been synonymous with Pittsburgh furnace repair, service, maintenance, and installation for decades.


Muggy and hot Pittsburgh summers can be a challenge without a cool and comfortable home or workplace. When your air conditioner unit goes on the fritz, don’t sweat it! Just pick up the phone, call 412-381-0598, and tell Bill Reilly what’s going on. Our Pittsburgh AC repair pros will be at your home or business right away. We can usually get your air conditioner back up and running that very same day. If the problem is irreparable, and the unit needs to be replaced, we’ll walk you through the process of choosing a new air conditioner and provide you with our stellar AC installation service. Be sure to ask about our yearly AC inspection and tune-up to ensure your air conditioner runs optimally all summer long!


Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating Pittsburgh - TopNotch Heating & AirTopNotch Heating & Air is a proud vendor of Goodman Heating & Cooling products – made right here in the U.S.A. – with some of the best warranties in the industry. If you’re on the market for a new air conditioner or furnace, we highly encourage you to scroll through our Goodman page. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about any Goodman heating or cooling system.

TopNotch is also Pittsburgh’s choice for Airtemp cooling and heating systems. Airtemp is a renowned manufacturer of residential and commercial gas and oil furnaces, air conditioners, and refrigeration equipment. They’ve been an HVAC industry giant for over 80 years.



TopNotch Heating & Air has been a staple in Western PA for 25 years. Our HVAC services are available in, but not limited to, the following city of Pittsburgh neighborhoods and suburbs.


Pittsburgh HVAC companies are everywhere you look. We see them advertised on television. We see roadside billboards. We see their trucks. In fact, you’ve likely seen the Red, White & Blue trucks of TopNotch Heating & Air in your travels. So, how else do we stand out?

When You Call Us, You Get the Owner – Not a Receptionist

When you call Top Notch Heating & Air, nine times out of ten you’ll get our owner Bill Reilly on the phone. This means you’re immediately talking to someone capable of understanding what’s going on. You’re not talking to a receptionist or answering service that’s scribbling notes to pass on.

Bill will listen to make sure he understands the problem you’re experiencing. He knows what questions to ask and what questions you may have. He knows our pricing and what services your call will probably entail. He can give you a pretty solid guesstimate of pricing until our team arrives to physically assess the situation and provide you with a more accurate quote.

You Get Our A-Team – ALL THE TIME!

Whenever you call TopNoth Heating & Air, it’s our “A” team that’s deployed to your home or commercial property. Our HVAC technicians are Pittsburgh heating and cooling experts combining decades of experience with a track record of getting jobs done on time and under budget. You’re not getting new HVAC trainees or a second-or-third-tier crew. You’re getting some of the best HVAC techs in Pittsburgh. Bill talks about all of this in this YouTube video.

We’re In Business For You, Not to Make a Quota or Up-Sell You

When we show up at your door, we’re coming to help you, not sell to you. We’re looking to address the specific problem you’ve called us about in the most economical way possible. We won’t use high-pressure sales tactics or attempt to scare you into spending more money than you need to. Our crew isn’t being rewarded cruise getaways for hitting “a number” or up-selling you. Our priority is to provide you with top-notch Pittsburgh HVAC services. Our quality of workmanship is unmatched and our consultation is trustworthy.

We look forward to working with you. When you’re ready to get started, feel free to give me a ring at 412-381-0598.


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