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HVAC Services in Beechview

Repairing and Replacing AC and Furnaces in Beechview

This century-old up-and-coming South Hills neighborhood is well-known for its Latino community established around the “T” rail line that many residents use to get into the city. Many believe that it is the next trendy neighborhood in Pittsburgh and are trying to move there while the area is still affordable.

For those who like a suburban feel but want mass transit access to the city, Beechview is the perfect neighborhood. It’s also home to some of Pittsburgh’s best kept secrets, where many think you can find the best pizza and wings in the city. TopNotch has been providing furnace and air conditioner service and repair to this area for years, keeping homes temperate when seasons hit their peak. Whether its regular or emergency maintenance, TopNotch should be your first call in Beechview for heating and cooling systems.

Beechview Air Conditioning

AC Repair — Central AC is crucial to quality standards of living in the modern home. Our technicians can service and repair any type of unit you have installed. Whether it is an old Freon unit or a newer unit that meets the environmentally friendly efficiency standards put into place in 2006, our technician can fix it. If you even suspect that there might be a problem, call us sooner rather than later. Letting a break sit can lead to more costly repairs down the road.

Regular and Preventative AC Maintenance
If you have a central AC unit installed in your Beechview home, you should have a TopNotch expert inspect it every spring.  The technician will check and replace filters, make sure belts are still in good condition, and make sure that air is flowing freely in and out of the unit. We make sure that our technicians are factory-trained to handle any make and model you have cooling your house. They will pay special attention to the evaporator coils, which if neglected can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

AC Replacement and Installation — There are many reasons you might consider replacing the AC unit in your Beechview home. Maybe you called a TopNotch technician and they advised that your old unit is beyond repair and needs to be replaced by a unit adhering to the new national standards. Or maybe you just want to install a new air conditioner that has a lower operating cost to save money over time. Whatever reason, TopNotch can do this job reliably, safely, and quickly to keep you cool when it matters the most.

Beechview Furnace and Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair and Services — Many older homes in Beechview use boilers for their cost-effectiveness and low fuel consumption. TopNotch has extensive experience in the installation, repair, and maintenance of boilers. If you think your boiler needs a checkup, call TopNotch.

Furnace Repair and Maintenance — We provide comprehensive furnace diagnostics to keep you warm in the coldest months. Make sure that you schedule a preventative maintenance appointment before December so you can avoid any possible risk in your furnace breaking down when it is least convenient.

Furnace Replacement and Installation — Many Beechview homeowners might not realize how much money they are burning by using an archaic furnace. New furnaces have higher standards of energy efficiency, and your unit is likely not up to par. New furnaces can have AFUE ratings of up to 96%, and that is significant savings on your monthly bill.

We Respond ASAP to HVAC Emergencies in Beechview

Did your furnace burn out in the middle of a blizzard? Or maybe your air conditioner stopped blowing cold air on the hottest day of the summer? You should call TopNotch at 412-381-0598. Our expert technicians are available 24/7 to respond to emergencies.