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HVAC Services in the Strip District

HVAC Services for Your Strip District Pittsburgh Business

The Strip District is home to some of Pittsburgh’s favorite small businesses, best sandwiches, and trendiest shops. Just east of Downtown, it is a favorite weekend destination for Pittsburgh residents of all ages. Whether you’re looking for your favorite ethnic grocery store or the perfect Pittsburgh novelty t-shirt, the Strip District is where you can find some of the city’s best shopping.

The Strip District is emblematic of modern Pittsburgh – a visage of old industrial buildings that have been re-purposed into new businesses, a blend of the past and the present. Many of these buildings are equipped with old heating and cooling equipment that need attention from expert HVAC technicians like those at TopNotch. Among the services that TopNotch provides to Pittsburgh’s Strip District includes:

Furnace and AC Installation and Replacement: Many of the old buildings in Pittsburgh’s Strip District are in need of entirely new furnaces or air conditioners. Too often business owners choose to repair an old unit over and over again, when they can save money by installing a new, more environmentally friendly unit. Our technician can diagnose your old unit, and provide an accurate assessment of whether it’s time to upgrade to a new unit. Our experts also know how to properly install your new machine, integral to proper functionality and top savings for your bottom line.

Furnace and AC Maintenance: Air conditioners require annual maintenance checkups, otherwise they are at risk for more expensive repairs in the future. Whether it is cleaning evaporator coils or performing safety control tests, a TopNotch technician can make sure that your AC system works at peak levels. Preventative maintenance is also key to the success of keeping your furnace running safely and efficiently. TopNotch experts will examine your furnace to make sure the unit is intact by checking for common issues such as cracks in the heat exchange, excessive rust, airflow efficiency, and gas pressure over the firing furnace.

Furnace and AC Repair: Hot August days in the Strip can be brutal, and shop owners and restaurant managers need the inside of their buildings a little extra chilly to give visitors a safe-haven from the humidity. Whether you are putting French fries on cold cuts or serving the best Argentinian grilled food in the city, chilly fresh air is essential to your customer’s experience. If your system breaks down a TopNotch expert will run comprehensive diagnostics to identify what’s wrong and how it can be fixed. If the unit is over ten years old, a replacement might be needed, and we can help with that too. Pittsburgh winters are brutal, too. If your furnace stops working, a TopNotch technician will figure out if the problem is in the thermostat or burner component. We strive for a practical, honest relationship with our customer. We’ll give you accurate advice about the proper course of action that is best for your wallet and your temperature.

We are on call to Help Fix and Maintain Strip District Air Conditioners and Furnaces

Worried that your furnace or air conditioning unit isn’t working quite right? Call TopNotch at 412-381-0598 and one of our expert technicians will come and diagnose the problem for you. After you get your free estimate, our technician will let you know the scale of fix needed, set you up with a preventative maintenance plan to keep it working optimally, or let you know if it needs to be replaced and what your options are. Need an instant fix? We can also respond 24/7 to emergency situations.