Mount Washington Air Conditioning Repair

“From luxury homes on Grandview Avenue to businesses on Shiloh Street to properties throughout the neighborhood – we offer Top-Notch AC Repairs in Mount Washington.”

[wpts_spin]{Has your air conditioner gone on the fritz on the hottest day possible|Has your air conditioner failed you on a miserably hot and muggy day|Have you come home to an uncomfortably hot house and realized you have no working air conditioning|Have you walked into a hot house to find your air conditioner isn’t working|Have you come home to find your air conditioner isn’t working and an unbearably hot house}? When you need Mount Washington {air conditioning repair|AC repair|whole-house air conditioner repair|air conditioner repair}, {regardless of the time of day or night|whether it’s morning, afternoon, nighttime, or overnight|whether it’s day or night}, {call an|contact an|reach out to an|connect with an} {air conditioning repairman|AC repair service|air conditioner repair company} {that has been keeping|that’s been keeping|that’s kept|that has kept} Mount Washington {residences and businesses|homes and businesses} {cool and comfortable|comfortably cool} {for over 20 years|for nearly three decades|for over two decades} – Top Notch Heating & Air.

{Get the “A Team” for Mount Washington AC Repairs|Your “A Team” for Mount Washington Air Conditioning Repairs|Hire the “A Team” for Mount Washington Air Conditioner Repairs|Choose the Best of the Best for Mount Washington Air Conditioner Repair|Hire the Best of the Best for Your Mount Washington AC Repair}

Unlike {some of our larger HVAC competitors|bigger HVAC companies|many of our HVAC competitors} in Mount Washington – we have one team. Our “A” team. You get our A-Team each and every time you call us. {Many times, you get|Quite often, you get|It’s not unusual to get} our owner Bill Reilly {on the phone|on the other end of the phone} and at your {front door|doorstep|door}. {This means|What this means is}, from the moment {you call us,|we answer the phone,|of our first hello,} you’re usually {talking to|speaking with} a {professional|experienced|knowledgeable} {air conditioner|air conditioning|AC} {expert|technician}. {And, at your door,|And, when we come to your home,|And, when we visit your home,} you get {the very best|the absolute best} Mount Washington {air conditioning repair techs|air conditioning repair technicians|AC repair techs|AC repair technicians} available and {a top notch experience|top notch service|top notch repairs}.

{Why We’re Mount Washington’s Preferred Air Conditioning Contractor|Why Choose Us As Your Mount Washington AC Contractor|Why Pick Us As Your Air Conditioning Contractor in Mount Washington|Why We’re the Best Reviewed AC Contractor in Mount Washington|Why We’re Mount Washington’s Choice for Air Conditioning Repair|Why We’re Mount Washington’s Choice for AC Repair}

What is a top notch experience? 95% of our {AC|air conditioning|air conditioner|cooling system} repairs are fixed {within the first hour|within an hour|within one hour} of {our visit|us entering your home|us walking into your house}. And backed by a 100% guarantee.

We hire the very best Pittsburgh-area {AC contractors|air conditioner contractors|air conditioning contractors} for our Top Notch crew. {We have very high standards|Our standards are very high} when we hire {AC|air conditioner|air conditioning} technicians. We {seek|choose to work with|prefer hiring|prefer to hire} experienced HVAC {technicians|techs|service professionals} well-versed with today’s {cooling systems|air conditioners|air conditioning systems} regardless of make or model.

Whether your {central air|whole-house air|AC|air conditioner} has completely {shut down|failed|broke down|stopped working}, or it just isn’t {performing|working|cooling} as well as it {should or did|used to}, {our technicians will thoroughly inspect it|we’ll thoroughly inspect it|we’ll run a complete diagnostics to figure out what’s wrong} and provide you with {a quote|an estimate|upfront pricing} for repairs. Once you give us {the “okay”|the “go ahead”|your approval} to {begin|start} work, we’ll {promptly|quickly} and professionally fix your {AC|air conditioner|air conditioning}.

Here is how our process works:


Once {you’ve noticed|you’ve realized|you suspect|you think|you’re sensing} a problem with your {air conditioner|AC|central-air|air conditioning|whole-house air conditioning}, {give us a call|contact us|do not hesitate to reach out to us} {right away|immediately|promptly}. {Typically|Generally|Usually}, when you call, {you’ll get|you’ll talk to} our owner, Bill Reilly. If {you’re directed to voicemail|sent to voicemail|asked to leave a message}, we’ll respond {immediately|as soon as possible}.

{We understand|We’re well aware|We know}, especially {in incredibly hot weather|in uncomfortably hot weather|in extreme heat and humidity|when it’s uncomfortably warm and muggy|when the weather is miserably hot and sticky}, that most people {want|need} a broken {air conditioner|AC|whole-house air conditioner} {repaired|fixed|working again} {quickly|as soon as possible|sooner not later}. {In some cases,|Many times,|Often,} if {a senior citizen or someone with a medical condition|someone elderly or in ill health|someone older or in poor health|a senior citizen or someone ill} resides in the {house|home}, time is {of the essence|critical}. They simply {cannot be|can’t be} without {air conditioning|an air conditioner|an AC} for {too|very} long.

This is why {we are mindful to |we’re incredibly mindful of|we’re empathetic to your situation and prioritize} your needs {when you call|when we talk to you|when we answer the phone}. We’ll get {a professionally trained|an experienced} Mount Washington {air conditioner|AC|air conditioning} {repairman|repair technician|repair specialist} to your home {right away|as soon as possible} to {identify|diagnose|figure out} the {problem|issue} you’re {having|experiencing} with your {AC|air conditioner|air conditioning|central air|cooling system}

When we {arrive|show up} at your {home|house}, we’ll ask questions {and gather|to gather|to collect|and collect} as much {information|info} as {we can|possible} {prior to|before} running {a complete diagnostics|diagnostics}. We’ll {utilize|use} our years {of experience|on the job} {and our|as well as our advanced} equipment to {identify|pinpoint} the {problem|issue} and determine the {best solution|best fix}.

From there, we’ll explain the {issue|problem} to you and what {it’ll take|we’ll have to do|needs to be done} to {fix|resolve} it. We {do our best|try our very best} to explain {everything|the issue with your AC|the problem with your AC|the reason your AC isn’t working} in layman’s terms. We don’t {speak|talk} in overly technical terms or {use scare tactics to upsell you on something you don’t need right now|try to upsell you on something you don’t need right now with scare tactics}.


Once our Mount Washington AC {repair technician|repair specialist|repair tech|repairman|contractor} has {located|found|identified} the issue, {they’ll discuss potential solutions with you|potential solutions will be discussed with you|they’ll discuss what’s needed to fix the problem|they’ll explain what’s needed to get your AC back up and running}. Sometimes {both a short-term fix and a long-term recommendation may be presented|short-term and longer-term fixes will be presented|both short and long-term fixes will be mentioned} but we DO NOT {pressure you into spending more than you need to|engage in high-pressure sales tactics|attempt to up-sell you on services you don’t need right at this moment}. You’re {presented with|given} upfront pricing and {honest|trustworthy} {advice|recommendations} {as to|regarding} {future recommended maintenance|maintenance needed in the future} to keep your {air conditioner|AC|air conditioning} running {optimally|efficiently} moving forward.


{If you|Once you|When you} {decide to|choose to} {move forward|proceed} with the repair, {in most cases,|generally,|usually|typically,} {we’ll be able|we’re able} to {get started|begin|start the process|start|begin the process} right away and offer you {a same-day fix|same-day repairs}. {Our trucks are stocked with every imaginable tool and most parts|We stock our trucks with every conceivable tool and most parts|Top Notch trucks are usually stocked with practically all tools and parts}. You can {count on|depend on} our {air conditioning repairman|air conditioning repair techs|AC repair techs|AC repair technicians|AC contractors} to work efficiently and {get the job done right quickly|carry out the job correctly and quickly|finish the job quickly, and more importantly, correctly}.

{Even better|Better yet}, our Mount Washington {AC repair|air conditioning repair|air conditioner repair} is covered by a parts and labor warranty and a 100% guarantee – {giving you some peace of mind when|for some much needed peace of mind when} choosing us for {your repair|the job}![/wpts_spin]