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From the houses adorning its tree lined streets to a bustling business district with over 140 businesses, TopNotch Heating & Cooling offers residential and commercial heating and AC services in Sewickley, PA.

Our Sewickley HVAC technicians are here for same day furnace and air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation.


We offer 24/7 emergency AC repair in Sewickley as well as installations, preventative maintenance, and unit replacement consultations.

Sewickley AC Repair

Air conditioning units almost always manage to breakdown on an unbearably hot and humid summer day. If this happens to you, the air conditioning technicians at TopNotch Heating & Cooling are just a phone call away with 24/7 emergency AC repairs. We’ll be on your doorstep in no time to troubleshoot the problem you’re having. In most cases, a same-day fix is possible.

If you start to suspect your air conditioning system isn’t cooling your home as well as it should be, call us ASAP. Even if you feel the problem you’re experiencing is something you can live with that doesn’t warrant a service call, pick up that phone anyway! It might just save you significant money in the weeks and months to come. A small fix right now can spare you more costly emergency air conditioning repairs down the road. Think of it as your central air conditioning unit crying for help before completely giving out. Don’t ignore it.

Sewickley AC Maintenance

Ask us about our springtime AC inspection and tune-up. This is a great way to ensure your cooling system gets you through another muggy and hot summer. Regardless of the unit’s age, preventative maintenance is critical when it comes to protecting your investment and keeping energy costs down. We’ll replace filters, lubricate the motor, make sure fan belts aren’t worn out, and clean debris from the condenser unit.

AC Replacement Sewickley

It’s time to assess the efficiency of any air conditioner unit over 8 to 10 years-old. Units in that particular age range likely operate on a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 10. This had been the standard SEER until 2010. 13 is now the minimum standard SEER for newer makes and models with much higher SEERs very common nowadays. The higher the SEER, the greater your energy savings. This means anyone with an older unit is likely spending twice as much on utility bills as they would with even a low-end newer AC unit.

Our technicians aren’t salesmen. You won’t be pushed into replacing an AC unit if the main issue is repairable. After a thorough assessment, we’ll tell you what we feel your best option is and navigate you through replacement air conditioning options if you opt to go that route. Our AC installation in Sewickley is tidy, efficient, and comes with your satisfaction guaranteed.


TopNotch is a phone call away with 24/7 emergency furnace repair in Sewickley. We are also available for furnace tune-ups, cleanings, and maintenance, unit replacement consultations, and new or replacement furnace consultations.

Sewickley Furnace Repair

Winter can lose its charm pretty quick when your furnace stops working on a blustery cold day. TopNotch can be on the scene right away for 24/7 emergency furnace repairs.

Don’t let small problems become bigger more costly issues. If your home isn’t warming up or you hear strange noises coming from your furnace, we encourage you to make a service call as soon as possible. A quick easy repair right now might be a more costly emergency repair or furnace replacement if it isn’t addressed sooner.

Sewickley Furnace Maintenance

You want to do everything you can to avoid costly furnace repairs. Preventative furnace maintenance is a great way to prolong your heating system’s lifespan and ensure it keeps you warm all winter long. Our yearly furnace tune-ups include an inspection, cleaning, and an oil check.

Sewickley Furnace Replacement & Installation

The older a furnace gets, the more repairs it’ll need and the less efficient it becomes. Heating bills get higher and so do the cost of what are now critical repairs. Sure, a new furnace is definitely an expense, but it may make more sense for you economically once rising repair costs and heating bills are factored in.

Our technicians are well-versed and trained on all furnace models. We’ll properly size the unit, assess ductwork, and carry out a thorough load calculation to make sure you get the right furnace for your home.

Call Us Today for Sewickley AC or Furnace Services

Give us a call at 412-381-0598 if you’re in need of HVAC in Sewickley. We can also discuss any HVAC project you may have and provide you with a free no-obligation estimate. We look forward to working with you.