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A Yearly Air Conditioner Check Up Pays Big Dividends

A Yearly Air Conditioner Checkup Pays Big Dividends | Top Notch Heating & Air

A yearly air conditioner check up is highly recommended to any homeowner. Is it absolutely necessary? No. Your AC might work just fine throughout the summer if you skip a preseason maintenance check. Your car may also run just fine if you drive it beyond 3,000 miles without an oil change. That doesn’t mean you should though. Annual AC tuneups maximize your investment and make financial sense for a number of reasons.

“Look at it this way. Think about how hard your air conditioner worked last summer. It has also sat all winter long, possibly exposed to the elements if it wasn’t properly covered. Air conditioner tuneups pay for themselves in a variety of direct and indirect savings,” says Bill Reilly, owner of Top Notch Heating & Cooling – a Pittsburgh AC contractor.

Here are several reasons you shouldn’t skip out on that annual air conditioner maintenance service!

A Spring Air Conditioner Tuneup Gives the Unit a Head Start

You’ve gone some time now without running your air conditioner. Can you really expect it to run at peak efficiency now that you’ll again be depending on it every day?

Would you just start up a car that’s been sitting in the driveway for six months and embark on a cross-country drive without first taking it to a mechanic?

Naturally, you’d consider getting an oil change, tuneup, and having the tired checked or rotated. You’d want to make sure the car was good to go before you hit the highway.

Scheduling spring time AC maintenance gets your system primed to keep you cool all summer long. Not only that, it helps ensure it runs efficiently, which helps keep your utility bills low.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Services Are Usually Less Expensive than Emergency Repairs

Sure, there’s no guarantee your air conditioner still won’t malfunction or conk out even after a tuneup. But, if a problem does arise this summer, we’d be willing to bet the repair will be less expensive than it would be had you skipped the tuneup.

From our experience, roughly half of the emergency AC repair calls we get could’ve been prevented with an annual checkup.

When we perform a yearly air conditioner maintenance service, small problems are often detected before there’s even a warning sign they exist. This keeps them from becoming bigger more expensive problems. This saves homeowners the higher cost – and bigger hassle – of calling for an emergency air conditioner repair when it’s 90 degrees in July.

Neglecting Regular AC Maintenance Could Void Your Warranty

Most new air conditioner installations come with a limited warranty from the manufacturer. One of the requirements from this warranty could be the upkeep of regular AC maintenance.

Many of these manufacturer warranties won’t cover the cost of replacement parts without routine maintenance checks from a HVAC professional.

Be sure to check your air conditioner’s warranty – specifically any section titled “Exclusions” or “Eligibility Requirements.”

You’ll Get More Years from a Well-Maintained Air Conditioner

Routine air conditioner maintenance results in fewer repairs over time. This also prolongs the lifespan of your AC unit. In contrast, by neglecting regular air conditioning maintenance, you’ll be reducing its lifespan.

Back to the car analogy, how long do you think a car would run if its owner never changed its oil and neglected all recommended maintenance? Meanwhile, someone who takes good care of his or her automobile will likely get miles and years from it.

A well-maintained air conditioner maximizes your investment. It also increases its operating efficiency, which can translate into lowering energy costs by as much as 15%.


Top Notch Heating & Cooling provide yearly air conditioner maintenance services to homeowners throughout the city of Pittsburgh and surrounding suburbs. Call 412-381-0598 or contact us online to schedule your annual Pittsburgh air conditioner check up or if you need an AC repair or AC installation.

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