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Boiler Repair

Pittsburgh’s Boiler Repair Specialist

Ready to get your residence warm again? Then you found the right place!

With TopNotch, you get our expert, seasoned, and friendly A crew each and every time.

We’ve had a A+ BBB rating for over 20 years, and have serviced over 20,000 happy customers in the greater Pittsburgh area.

At Topnotch, we provide boiler installation, repair, and maintenance in residential and commercial spaces. We work on all boiler system brands and sell high quality, well back and rated Crown, Utica, and HTP.

If you are considering heating options, boiler systems

  • Cut costs and reduce fuel consumption
  • Maintain a comfortable heat while lowering your monthly heating bills
  • Benefit the environment.

Crown boilers offers a variety of different products to fit into your budget or to obtain fuel saving you need for your home or building. CROWN or HTP -ENERGY STAR products lead the way to big savings.. Top Notch Air installs and maintains The Aruba-3 Series (AWI), The Bali Series (BWF), The Cabo-2 Series (CWD), and The Bimini Buddy also offering HTP Versa-Flame.

These boilers work in residences to heat your living space and work with your hot water systems.

Call Top Notch Air today at 412.381.0598 or 724.693.0598 to discuss the options that fit with your home or office. After 20 years of TopNotch service, and 20,000 happy customers, we are Pittsburgh’s leading boiler repair and replacement specialists.

HTP Products offer efficient hot water systems. The Hybrid Heat Pump or the Versa-Flame boiler and Water Heater all in one. HTP is ideal for your home and offers big the savings compared to using standard electric hot water heaters or standard 40 gal gas hot water heaters.

Fifty gallons of water can be heated in HTP Products. The glass-lined tank and anode rods that protect the product from corrosion ensure their high efficiency.

We also offer Bradford White gas or electric Hot water heaters in 40 ,50,75 gallon.

Call us anytime to discuss the benefits boiler systems provide in your home, office, or building in the Pittsburgh area.

If trouble with your current boiler system occurs, we offer repair service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call Top Notch Air in Pittsburgh at 412.381.0598.

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