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Squirrel Hill Air Conditioner & Furnace Repair, Maintenance, & Installation

Pittsburgh weather is a predictable beast. Winters are often frigidly cold while summer months are hot and muggy. It snows and it rains and the sky tends to consistently stay a touch of gray with only glimpses of the sun.

Needless to say, Pittsburghers have to spend a lot of time indoors. To stay comfortable, the heating and cooling systems in our homes and workplaces must be reliable year-round. It’s our job at TopNotch Heating & Cooling to provide city neighborhoods and suburbs with dependable Pittsburgh HVAC services.

Our Squirrel Hill air conditioner and furnace repair, maintenance, and installation services cover this gem of a Pittsburgh neighborhood. We keep the residents of Squirrel Hill’s leafy residential streets comfortable in winter and summer months as well as those frequenting the shops and restaurants on Forbes and Murray Avenues.

Air Conditioner Services Squirrel Hill | Pittsburgh

TopNotch provides the following Squirrel Hill air conditioning services:

● Squirrel Hill AC Repair – The “A” Team at TopNotch is available 24/7 for same-day emergency AC repair. Perhaps you’re noticing that your air conditioner unit isn’t working very well? Maybe you’ve noticed a particular problem like warm air blowing from the vents or unusual noises coming from the unit? Our cooling experts will find out what the problem is and get your cooling system running optimally again. 95% of our AC repair services are fixed in under an hour.

● Squirrel Hill Air Conditioner Replacement & Installation – If your AC unit needs to be serviced more frequently, and these repairs are becoming more and more costly, it may be time to replace your air conditioner. Let us assess the health of your current AC and determine if a replacement is needed. If the time has come to put your old AC to rest, we’ll help you choose a new air conditioner that fits your needs and budget.

From there, we will install your replacement air conditioner, guaranteeing you complete satisfaction of our work.

● Squirrel Hill Air Conditioner Maintenance – Just like an automobile, having your air conditioner routinely serviced will save you money in the long run. We strongly recommend you let a certified HVAC professional inspect your system and ensure peak efficiency with a system tuneup. Routine AC maintenance tasks like replacing filters, inspecting pressure and coolant levels, and cleaning coils and condensers will extend the life of your system, its parts, and equipment.

Heating Services in Squirrel Hill | Pittsburgh

TopNotch provides the following Squirrel Hill heating services:

● Squirrel Hill Furnace Service & Repair – Furnaces must work efficiently or you’ll see a noticeable spike in your heating bill. If you wake up to a cold home, or you notice your furnace making loud noises, it may be time to call upon the experienced heating service professionals at TopNotch to determine the extent of furnace repairs needed and ensure you and your family remain warm and safe. We work with a variety of furnace brands and models as well as boilers and radiators, thermostats, heat pumps etc.

● Squirrel Hill Furnace Replacement/New Furnace Installation – An older inefficient furnace will cost you money in several ways. First, if your home isn’t being sufficiently heated, your furnace will continuously run, which will result in a higher utility bill. Second, it will inevitably get to the point where costly repairs are constantly needed, which is never sustainable.

If it’s truly time to replace your furnace, we’ll navigate you through the process and help you select the right make and model for your heating needs and budget. We’ll help you determine the right size for your space and structure to optimally heat your home in the most energy-efficient and cost-efficient way.

● Squirrel Hill Furnace Maintenance – Simple routine furnace maintenance can pay dividends by preventing breakdowns and boosting overall efficiency and safety.

Get TopNotch Squirrel Hill HVAC Services

Don’t wait for the next emergency. If something seems amiss with your heating and cooling system, give us a call at 412-381-0598. We service all makes and models and offer 24 hour emergency HVAC services in Squirrel Hill.

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