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HVAC Services Lawrenceville Pittsburgh

AC & Furnace Repair, Maintenance & Installation in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville

Within the past fifteen years, Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood has experienced a revitalization that has earned national press for its eclectic merging of the old with the new. This historic neighborhood, sandwiched between the Strip District and Bloomfield, combines the charm of historic row homes with an influx of trendy restaurants and cafes, hipster bars, art galleries, vintage clothing outlets, and design companies. Lifelong residents cohabitate with newcomers from Brooklyn, Portland, Washington DC, and beyond.

Needless to say, the real estate market in this city neighborhood has boomed with young homebuyers and real estate investors flocking to buy and renovate the many neighborhood row houses.

TopNotch Heating & Cooling services this creative, edgy, and lively Pittsburgh neighborhood with our 24/7 emergency AC and furnace repair services.

Additionally, we offer air conditioner or furnace installation and maintenance in Lawrenceville. Our knowledgeable HVAC technicians have helped countless property owners in this neighborhood get through the logistical challenges of efficiently heating and cooling their row home. We offer the following Lawrenceville HVAC services:

Emergency AC or Furnace Repair – Regardless of the time of day or night, if your air conditioner or furnace goes caput, you can count on the experts at TopNotch to be at your doorstep to identify the problem and provide same-day repairs. Whether your heating and cooling system isn’t working at all, it doesn’t seem to be working as well as it should, or you’re alarmed by loud banging or clanging sounds, call 412-381-0598 for our Lawrenceville AC or furnace repair.

AC or Furnace Maintenance – An annual check-up will help ensure your heating and cooling system runs efficiently through the season so you can avoid hefty electric or gas bills as well as the need for costly emergency repairs. We offer a specialized preventative maintenance program where we will inspect, clean, and tune-up your air conditioner or furnace annually.

AC or Furnace Replacement – If your heating or cooling system has stopped working altogether, or it’s becoming more costly to service and repair as it gets older, the HVAC experts at TopNotch will help you make an informed decision as to whether or not the time has come to replace the unit. We’ll help you navigate through the many available options to ensure you’re getting an energy efficient system – a furnace with a good AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating and an air conditioner with a 13 or higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) that’s sized properly to heat or cool your property as efficiently as possible.

AC or Furnace Installation – Whether you’re buying a new home in Lawrenceville, or you’re upgrading an older home, the technicians at TopNotch Heating & Cooling can help install any central home cooling or heating system. We guarantee that any air conditioner or furnace we install will heat or cool your home as stated and our experts are certified and trained to install a variety of brands/models.

Furthermore, we only work with companies that stand behind their product and we do what we do to serve you, not sell to you. Unlike many other regional HVAC companies, we won’t use high pressure sales tactics to scare you into spending more.

Ready for Reliable Lawrenceville HVAC Services?

Call TopNotch today at 412-381-0598 for our Lawrenceville air conditioning and furnace repair, maintenance, and installation. The “A” team that’s deployed to your home or commercial property will bring with them decades of experience and a proven history of getting HVAC jobs done on time and under budget. You’ll be provided with a free estimate and service can begin immediately upon your approval.