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Top Notch Heating & Cooling is a top supplier and service provider of residential and commercial hot water boilers. We fully understand how important reliable heating is during cold, harsh, Pittsburgh winters. Whether your hot water boiler isn’t working like it used to, has completely broken down, or you need a brand new or replacement hot water boiler installed, our certified technicians are here for you.

If boiler repairs are needed, we’ll get you back up and running in no time at all. If the problem you’re experiencing is more serious than repairs, or you need a consultation about the benefits of installing a high-efficiency boiler, we’ll navigate you through the process of selecting the right boiler system for your needs.

Top Notch is a proud dealer of HTP (Heat Transfer Products). HTP is a recognized leader in manufacturing both residential and commercial high-efficiency boilers and water heaters.


Elite Premier VWH

When it comes to residential boilers, the HTP Elite Premier VWH is top of the line. This low-mass volume water heater has an Energy Star rating of 98%. It has an advanced modulating turndown ratio of 10 to 1. These make it ideal for environmentally conscious homeowners in the Pittsburgh-area looking for a residential water heater.

This gas fired water heater has a 316L stainless steel corrosion-resistant heat exchanger with excellent heat transfer capabilities. It can be mounted to the wall or floor-standing. Vented into the boiler is up to 200 combined feet of relatively inexpensive and easy-to-install PVC piping. Up to 8 units can be cascaded.

The Elite VWH is truly the premier hot water supply boiler. Four different models are available with BTUs ranging from 220,000 to 399,000.

Inside the Elite Premier VWH’s box is the following:

  • Pressure & Temperature Gauge
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Indirect Tank Sensor
  • Outdoor Sensor
  • Flow Switch & Paddles
  • Outlet Combustion Fitting
  • Installation Manual & Warranty

View the Elite Premiere VWH Brochure


Mod Con VWH

The Mod Con VWH Commercial Hot Water Supply Boiler can deliver domestic hot water at a thermal efficiency of 98%. This well-constructed boiler showcases an intelligent design. Its high-grade-modulating gas burner operates at a turndown ratio of 5 to 1 to satisfy a variety of water heating needs.

This low mass volume water heater comes in three model sizes with heating capacities up to 6,800,000 BTUs. It’s ideal for practically any commercial water heating application. A built-in sequencer makes it so up to 8 VWH boilers can be linked together at any time for better turndown ratios and built-in redundancy. Units can even be double stacked. This means even a small tight space can accommodate a high output heating system.

Other features of this gas fired volume water heater include:

  • Low NOx Operation
  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Built-In Sequencer Can Cascade Up to 8 Units
  • All Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • High Grade Inconel Burner
  • Gas Conversion Available
  • Reliable Spark Ignition
  • Gas Valve Meeting UL, FM, CSA Standards
  • Integrated Control System
  • PVC-CPVC Stainless Steel Venting up to 200 Feet Combined
  • Models Available for Natural or LP Gas
  • ASME Approved

View the Mod Con VWH Brochure

Mod Con VWH Double Stack Commercial Hot Water Supply Boiler

The Mod Con Double Stack VWH can deliver domestic hot water with a thermal efficiency as high as 98%. Featuring an intelligent design, this double stack volume water heater operates at an impressive 10 to 1 turndown ratio thanks to its high-grade modulating gas burner.

This means a variety of water heating needs can be met with a small footprint. It’s no wonder the Mod Con Double Stack VWH is now so widely used for so many commercial water heating applications.

The Mod Con Double Stack VWH is available in two model sizes with BTUs ranging from 100,000 to 1,000,000 and 170,000 to 1,700,000. Up to four boilers can be linked together due to the built-in cascading capabilities of this unit. When this happens, turndown ratios are increased, there’s built-in redundancy (no downtime), and the total heating capacity can get as high as 6.8 million BTUs.

Features of the Mod Con DS include:

  • Pressure Relief, Shutoff, and Drain Valves
  • Stackable Units for Smaller Footprint/Saved Space
  • PVC-CPVC Stainless Steel Venting
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Low NOx Operation
  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Combined Vents up to 150 Feet
  • Easy Access to Burner Assembly & Combustion Heat Exchanger
  • Self-Diagnostic Electronic Controls

View the Mod Con DS Brochure

Need Pittsburgh Boiler Repair Service or Boiler Installation?

The HVAC pros at Top Notch Heating & Cooling provide boiler repair service and boiler installation in the Pittsburgh-area. Let us assess your current situation and walk you through your options. Call us today at 412-381-0598.

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