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Prioritizing Your Pittsburgh Heating and Cooling Needs

There are a few things that separate TopNotch Heating and Air from other Pittsburgh HVAC companies. First, any time you’re in need of air conditioner or furnace repair, maintenance, or installation, it’s our “A” team that’s deployed to your home or commercial property. Our technicians are Pittsburgh heating and cooling experts combining decades of experience with a track record of getting jobs done on time and under budget.

Secondly, we’re in business for you. When we show up at your door, we’re coming to help you, not sell to you. We’re looking to address the specific problem you’ve called us about in the most economical way possible. We won’t use high-pressure sales tactics or attempt to scare you into spending more money than you need to.

As our name implies, our Pittsburgh HVAC services are top-notch. The quality of our workmanship is unmatched and our advice is trustworthy.

We look forward to working with you. When you’re ready to get started, feel free to give me a ring at 412-381-0598.

– Bill Reilly, Founder and Owner
TopNotch Heating & Air – HVAC Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh’s Best Air Conditioning & Heating Equipment

TopNotch Heating and Air is Pittsburgh’s choice for Airtemp heating and cooling equipment. While we service all brands of air conditioning and heating equipment, we especially recommend Airtemp systems for the best in-home heating and cooling comfort and value.

Why Choose AirTemp Heating and Cooling Products

Airtemp is a renowned manufacturer of residential and commercial air conditioning, furnaces, and refrigeration equipment. The company was behind the air conditioning system used to cool New York City’s Chrysler Building in the 1930s and was a leader in the formative years of air conditioning. Today, eight decades later, they continue to be a leader in the HVAC industry.

Airtemp provides a 10-year all parts limited warranty plus a 1-year replacement pledge for the best consumer protection in the industry. AirTemp offers:

● AIR CONDITIONERS – Airtemp’s highly efficient and affordable home cooling systems are built strong for better energy efficiency and quieter operation. Learn More about Airtemp AC Units.

● AIR HANDLERS/INDOOR COILS – Airtemp offers a line of corrosion-resistant air handlers and indoor coils to assure continued energy efficiency and long-lasting reliability. Learn More about the Airtemp Split System.

● GAS FURNACES – Looking for gas furnace installation in Pittsburgh? Airtemp gas furnaces are reliable, whisper-quiet, and efficiently deliver a consistent temperature throughout your home, year after year, with proper care and maintenance. Learn More about the benefits of Airtemp gas furnaces.

● HEAT PUMPS – Heat pumps are an energy efficient means to year-round home comfort. In the summer months, a heat pump pushes warm air out of your house to keep your home cool. In winter months, the same technology works in reverse – capturing any warmth hidden underneath frigid winter temperatures and transferring it to heat inside your home.

In parts of the country without excessively cold winter months, heat pump installation can be a standalone option; however, heat pump installation in Pittsburgh will usually need to be supplemented by a small gas furnace for backup heat. Learn more about the all-season economical comfort of Airtemp heat pumps.

● OIL FURNACES – Oil furnaces are inexpensive, long-lasting, and environmentally safe since heating oil is non-toxic, biodegradable, and carcinogen-free. Airtemp oil furnaces are quiet and available in a variety of sizes. Learn more about Airtemp oil furnaces.

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