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Utica Boilers Pittsburgh - TopNotch Heating & Air

Top Notch Heating & Cooling is Pittsburgh’s most trusted dealer of Utica hot water boilers.

Utica manufactures high-efficiency (Energy Star-qualified) residential and commercial gas and oil-fired boilers. As the name implies, the company, which is a subsidiary of the privately owned ECR International, is headquartered in Utica, NY. It continues to grow. Recently, over 30,000 square feet of additional research and development lab space was added. This means we can expect more innovative boiler heating systems for optimum home comfort and value for decades to come.

Top Notch is here to install, repair, or replace any Utica boiler model number. Utica is a great partner for us. Not only is the high-efficiency of their units an easy sell, but the units themselves are easy to install and maintain. They’re built with the highest quality parts for unwavering performance and durability. Despite this reliability, Utica still offers the best in-class limited lifetime warranties.

What Are the Benefits of a Utica Boiler Heating System?

Residential boiler heating systems offer a diverse range of benefits. Let’s take a look at a few:

Cleaner Form of Heating – Hot water boilers provide a cleaner form of heating that produces fewer dust particles and allergens. Unlike forced-air systems, the heat radiating from the boiler meets already existing air. This is in contrast to a forced-air system where new air is pushed out through ductwork. This new air, which is now circulating throughout your home, is oftentimes laden with dust and allergens now infiltrating your indoor air.

Quieter Operation – Noise is a common complaint of forced-air systems. There could be banging or clanging when a furnace kicks on. The air pushing through ductwork and circulating out from vents can also be loud. Any noise from a boiler heating system is confined inside the boiler itself. Otherwise, the system is practically silent.

Higher-Quality Heat for Optimum Comfort – Rather than forced-air heat, which travels through the ductwork then out of a vent, a radiator’s heat actually infuses the room. The result is heat that’s more evenly dispersed with a different and fresher feeling than the heat from a forced-air system.

User-Friendly Programming and Zoning – Many Utica boiler systems are compatible with programmable thermostats and other special features. For instance, different heating zones can be set throughout your home or automated/auto-stop heat delivery can be programmed.

Easier to Maintain – Utica boilers can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years to several decades. It’s all a matter of how well the unit is maintained. For an extended lifespan or optimal efficiency, a unit will need regular inspections, maintenance, and the occasional part replacement. Top Notch is here for service and repairs for Utica boilers in Pittsburgh.

Utica MGB Hot Water Boiler

MGB Series II/MGC Series

The Utica MGB Series II/MGC Series, designed specifically for chimney-vent applications, comes in nine different sizes ranging from 50 MBH to 299 MBH. These boiler systems are incredibly energy efficient with AFUE ratings up to 83.9%. Newer designs include a Honeywell Control that monitors water temperature and pauses the start of the burner until residual heat reaches the system. This maximizes system efficiency. Systems are also space efficient as their overall height is significantly reduced by an Integral Draft Hood & Automatic Vent Damper.

Additional Features of MGH Series II/MGC Series Utica Boiler Systems

Size range availability from 50 MBH to 299 MBH
Dependable Cast Iron Heat Exchanger + Cast Iron Push Nipples to maintain a watertight seal through extended use
Honeywell Controls with a durable protective cover and window, digital temperature display/diagnostics, and plug-in connectors for vent damper and system pump
Atmospheric Chimney Vent Boiler with Integral Draft hood and Automatic Vent Damper
Stainless Steel Main Gas Burners (MGB) with Spill Switch & Roll-Out Safety Switch
Titanium Composite Burners (MGC) with Flame Roll-Out Safety Shutoff
Combination 24 Volt Gas Control w/ Automatic Gas Valve & Pilot, Gas Pressure Regulator, Pilot Flow Adjustments & Filter, and Safety Shutoffs
Intermittent Pilot Control
Continuous Retry
Combination Pilot Burner/Electrode/Flame Sensor
Texture Painted Jacket
Best-In-Class Limited Lifetime Warranty for Residential Applications

Need to Install, Repair, or Replace a Utica Boiler in Pittsburgh, PA?

The HVAC pros at Top Notch Heating & Cooling provide Utica boiler repair and installation in the Pittsburgh-area. Call us today at 412-381-0598 if you’d like to schedule a service call or learn more about Utica boiler heating systems.